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Danielle Esperson is a 7 year old Dragon type elemental and Lazarus Cain's apprentice. Danielle is very observant and smart for her age, and is surprisingly dangerous because of her intelligence and powerful abilities. She learns quickly and often imagines out loud about if she was the leader of the Elementals instead of Lyra Grimoire. Other than that, she is a sweet, sweet girl with good ambitions and a happy outlook on things. Unlike other one type elementals, Danielle's second type, Psychic, is getting stronger inside her as she ages. As of the New Generation, Danielle can read and control (some) minds.

The New GenerationEdit

Danielle was first brought into the story when she appeared beside Cain, transforming into a Flygon and begging to meet the other elementals, claiming that Cain knew she was stronger than them. Shortly after, Lucidette Falls fell on her, and Danielle read her mind to determine her name and the names of her friends, Kirara Nishii and Lione Sheriik. Lucidette quickly attacked her with a bow and arrow made of ice, missing. The weapon was confiscated by Kirara and Danielle used her power to have her snap it in half, to prove she wasn't someone they wanted to mess with.