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Lucidette Cleversheel Silver Falls

Lucidette Falls is a 6 year old Ice type apprentice mentored by Muiya Nymph. She is demanding at times, and tends to tear up when she's frustrated. Most of the time she is very stubborn and rude, swearing whenever she likes despite Lione Sheriik telling her she is too young to swear. She calls others rude names through a language that only she knows, hence she calls it Italian. But, even Alarie nor Lyra can translate her.

The New GenerationEdit

Lucidette is first seen falling ontop of Danielle Esperson after Kirara pushes her off. She then tries to attack her stating that she was angry since Danielle dropped her. She then formed an Ice bow and arrow and shot at her, but missed by a mere inch. She then cursed and Lione scolded her by saying she wasn't allowed to yet. Lione then held her back and she resisted as Kirara broke her bow. 

Third ArcEdit

No Appearance