Nightcore - Ready or not

Nightcore - Ready or not

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Lyra Grimoire is a 14 year old dark and fire type elemental, also known as the queen of darkness, the princess of darkness, or the Dark Inferno. She is a flirty young girl, flirting with those she describes as 'cute'. She mainly takes on the form of one like Black Rock Shooter, but she idealy is a young black haired teen. Many boys seem to like her persona, but not only that, but her lean physique, despite her being semi-flat. Her favorite pokemon are fennekin and umbreon, and her favorite weapon is a katana or kunai knives. Personally others think she plays too much, especially when she calls alex "shitface", a nickname developed from Alarie Grove. As of right now her love is strung out to every cute boy she meets, but her first was Lazarus Cain, and her best friend would be Muiya Nymph.

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Elemental VerseEdit

Kurai is first seen annoyed at Ashley Carter for being selfish during the first post of the roleplay. After she gave up on the orphan she had strolled into the street and easily dodged a car that was about to hit her.

The next post Michelle Wang had approached and bothered her, stating that she had wanted powers too and asked many questions about Ashley. Kurai shrugged her off, saying that she didn't have to explain to a weirdo. Michelle was astonished, as she stated she was in her class and won in the math competition. She then started to ask things about how Kurai was around cemeteries and liked ghosts. Then she kept asking Lyra if she knew more about people like Ashley. As Kurai got up to walk she crashed into Magnus Roslin. After he half explained himself he took her hand, claiming she was Lyra without her telling him her name. 

Elemental Verse: The New GenerationEdit

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Lyra's hair color is natural, despite her parents having Black Hair.

Lyras Favorite color was purple before it became blue

Lyra has a weird thing in common with Muiya- she loves cats.

At times Lyra seems like a Mary Sue, but is actually only 37% of it.