Muiya Nymph is a fairy, psychic, and normal elemental with a bipolar persona. She's happy, then insane, then loyal, then obsessed, then pissed off, etc. Most of the time she's a loyal loli, loyal mostly to Lyra Grimoire  and Claude TyrellShe is currently 15 years old, and has a huge infatuation obsession with Claude. She calls those whom she is obsessed with 'Master', stating that she will follow their every order.


"Pi-ggy-back!" She tittered. As if she knew he would say no, she looked into his eyes and meowed, flicking her ears and drooping her whiskers into a moe kitty face. "Pwease,Master?"

"My my... Why do you insist on getting in our way? Just let Master be, and all will be fine." Her eyes had an evil glint. "Then you all won't get killed."

"Ooh! Master!" Giggling and snickering came from overhead. A pink haired girl- looking no more or less than 12 years old- flew down and landed in front of Lyra. A hearted maid suit upon her. It was Muiya

"Lyra is my master!" Muiya hissed, pushed the blade away and onto Pippa with amazing strength. Her hands were bleeding scarlet, and her gaze intense and kawaii.

The Old GenerationEdit

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The New GenerationEdit

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