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Saige Dennis is a 15 year old water, fairy, and flying type elemental. She is Lyra Grimoire's long lost younger sister, but Lyra had no intention of knowing or meeting her.  Saige is extremely protective of younger elementals and apprentices like Kangeko Toyomi and was the one that taught her how to transform. Saige's main rival is Muiya Nymph due to her clingyness toward her older sibling. 

The Original GenerationEdit

Saige was first introduced in the middle of a battle between Lyra, Cain, Claude, and Muiya. She immediately recognized Lyra, even transformed into an Absol, as her sister. She was 13 at the time. The two became increasingly close after meeting, but still get into small skirmishes to this day. During the final battle between the Elementals before sealing the Demon Kings away, Saige picked Flying as her second type. A smaller fight with rogue Elementals led to her choosing Fairy as her third type. Since she is partially Flying, she is gifted with wings, like many other Elementals.

The New GenerationEdit

In the New Generation, Saige is 15 and is sharing an apartment with Lyra. She is with Lyra when she finds Kangeko and takes her homne, first unsure of the decision. She eventually grew to love Kangeko's company, getting to know her better as Lyra went off to rest. She taught Kangeko how to transform with her own method.

"Transforming isn't as hard as it may seem. What I do is try to imagine myself as the Pokemon I want to become- try to mimic its essence, its sense of being. After you do that, just will your physical body to release itself from your soul- and violà! You've transformed!" - Saige Dennis, to Kangeko